6.12.1913  -  12.12.2002

"... Learn how to live without confidence and at the same time not to be paralyzed with indecision - it is the task of philosophy in our century"

Bertran Rassel

"This site presents my personal philosophy, an attempt to understand the world and myself, to avoid succumbing to illusions and growing weak at the end of the life (Stop, Amosov! Maybe it’s just better to give in? - I know, but I can not). There are life instincts: to eat, to show off, to sleep. And more - curiosity and self-expression. I am 86, I have lived a long life, now I have almost no interests left, except the only one: information. But in order to be better realized - you need to tell and write. I know that I would hardly compose something outstanding, would hardly influence somebody, I hardly even be read through, people are not up to it. But I have no other way out: if I stop – I would die. I would rather state: I have my own line in philosophy."

Nikolay Amosov. 14.12.1999