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Victor Mikhaylovich Glushkov

According to Store Eternally author Boris Malinovsky
Translated from the Ukrainian by Doctor Nataliya Shulga

"Let him send a tank!"

The story about OGAS was the last one recorded by the daughter Olga. After the "Pravda" article, the scientist hoped that OGAS would finally become the cause of the whole country. Namely it pushed the dying man to hold on and dictate the last words.

That day Glushkov, covered with tubes and wires of life support, was visited at the resuscitation unit by the deputy of Ustinov, who was the USSR minister of defense. He asked if the minister could help somehow.

The scientist had just finished his story about "long ordeal", about the wall of bureaucracy and misunderstanding, which he failed to overcome trying to promote OGAS. He answered angrily "Let him send a tank!" His mind was clear at that hard moment, but his patience and abilities to overcome the mental and physical sufferings were fainting...

History proved that his words about soviet economy facing great challenges in the end of 1970s were prophetic.

Until his last days he remained faithful to his idea of OGAS creation, and that its realization could save the national economy from decline. Might he be a hopeless dreamer? Or a romantic scientist? The history reserved last word on it. Let's mention only that people in the West, who denied his ideas, follow them now and they are not ashamed to refer to the fact that they are realizing his intentions. It means that the scientist was right, talking about the reasons of criticism in foreign mass media.

Glushkov' story about the struggle for OGAS is an indictment against the state leaders, who didn't manage to use the powerful talent of the scientist. And if only Glushkov! Undoubtedly, it is one of the major reasons why a great state failed on the brink of the XXI century and why millions of people lost confidence in their and their children deserving future for a long time.

Surely, Glushkov was right setting the goal of informatization and computerization of the state. But he could do nothing without government determination and full scale decision by the Central Committee of CPSU that became a barrier on his way. It is also clear that he outrun the time, while the state and society were not ready to apprehend OGAS. It overturned tragically for the scientist, who didn't want to submit to the fact that people hadn't understood things so absolutely obvious to him.

In the morning of January 30 in the scientists ward, I. Danilchenko and Y. Mikheev witnessed how the blue flares on the monitor, which recorded the heart work of Victor Glushkov suddenly disappeared and were followed by the straight line - the scientist's heart stopped.

Talking about V.Glushkov's contribution into the development of cybernetics and computer engineering, and also about his work as a Vice-President of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, its President academician B. Paton said: "Glushkov is a brilliant and really outstanding scientists of the present time who made an enormous contribution into the formation of cybernetics and computer engineering in Ukraine, former USSR, and in the whole world. As a thinker, V.Glushkov distinguished himself by the scale and the depth of his works; he predicted many things that appeared in the western information society much later.

Victor Glushkov possessed enormous and broad knowledge; his erudition impressed everyone he met. His constant longing for new things, striving for progress in science, technology and society were his wonderful qualiies.

V.Glushkov was a real hero in science; he was remarkable for his enormous capacity for work and diligence. He generously shared his knowledge, ideas and experience with people around him. Glushkov contributed greatly into the development of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, being its Vice-President since 1964. He fundamentally influenced the development of scientific directions, connected with natural and technical sciences. His contribution into computerization and informatization of science, technology and society is grandious. Victor Glushkov can be boldly considered as a statesman who devoted himself completely to serve his Motherland and his people. He was known and respected in all parts of the Soviet Union. He gave all his strength to popularize scientific achievements, scientific and technical progress, communicated with scientists from many countries of the world. His works and achievements of his Institute of Cybernetics, AS Ukr.SSR were well-known abroad, where he had the deserved respect. Understanding the necessity to consolidate the defense potential of the state, V.Glushkov and his institute implemented a huge complex of works important for the defense. He always introduced some innovations, overcoming many difficulties and sometimes - ordinary misunderstandings. He really was anxious for the state and devoted his wonderful life to the country and to the science."